In a recent Instagram photo, MIRANDA Lambert and her husband Brendan seem stunning.

 In a recent Instagram photo, MIRANDA Lambert and her husband Brendan seem stunning.

Miranda Lambert is publicly proclaiming her love on social media.

The “Actin’ Up” singer wed a New York City police officer in a private ceremony in February 2019 after they first met on Good Morning America. Most likely, it was love at first sight. Despite having been married for three years, Miranda and Brendan McLoughlin still seem to be in the honeymoon stage.

In a sweet selfie, the two were virtually hip-to-hip in Miranda’s most recent Instagram photo. How are you doing? is all she stated in the photo’s caption. I’m having fun @pbr Nashville.

The country singer and her partner went on an unusual date night to watch bull riding competitions, but she made sure to dress cute the entire time. Miranda selected this particular garment from her own apparel company, Idyllwind:

Naturally, fans flooded the “Tequila Does” singer’s comments with sentiments such as “Look at yall! “, “Cutie pies!!!! “, and a query we ask ourselves every time we see these two together—”But why are yall so cute???”.

The two are making the most of their time together before Miranda returns to work after taking the entire month of July off to travel for 20 days in their Airstream. When her Las Vegas residency begins in September, she’ll be right back in her element on stage. On the other hand, Brendan won’t be far behind. “Every single night I’ll be watching her do what she does best,” Brendan admitted to ET.

Miranda teased fans in the same interview about what to look forward to from her Velvet Rodeo, and let’s just say it’s the traditional Miranda that fans have come to expect, multiplied by a hundred, and topped off with fireworks. It’s kind of like the style I’ve been working on lately, she said, “simply country western with a lot of rhinestones and fringe, and maybe some fire.” Considering that this is Vegas.

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