A joke that GULSEN, a Turkish pop star, made about religious schools, led to his arrest.

 A joke that GULSEN, a Turkish pop star, made about religious schools, led to his arrest.

Outrage among those who oppose the government, who believe it is determined to punish people who disagree with its conservative ideas, has been aroused by the detention of a Turkish pop diva over comments she made regarding religious schools.

Pop singer Gulsen was imprisoned on Thursday while she awaits trial on a charge of inciting hatred after a video of a comment she made on stage in April was aired by a pro-government media station.

He had previously attended a school run by Imam Hatip. Regarding a member of her band, Gulsen says in the video, “That’s where his perversion comes from.”

One of the earliest Imam Hatip schools in the nation, which were started by the government to train young men to become imams and speakers, was attended by President Tayyip Erdogan, whose Islamist-rooted AK Party first came to power in Turkey almost 20 years ago.

According to Sabah, a pro-government publication that released the footage on Wednesday, Gulsen had previously come under fire for “activities she demonstrated on stage, excessively low cut clothing, and putting up an LGBT flag.”

Several officials responded to Gulsen’s comments on Twitter, with Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag calling them “primitive” and indicative of a “antiquated mentality.”

The author stated that employing resentful, hateful, and discriminatory language to incite one segment of society against another while pretending to be an artist is the greatest disrespect to art.

On Thursday, Gulsen apologised to everyone who had been hurt by her comments and said that they had been used to divide society.

Gulsen’s legal team submitted a challenge to the formal arrest decision on Friday, according to Emek Emre, a lawyer for the singer, who told Reuters that the detention process had been illegitimate and irregular from the beginning.

“We demand that everything be carried out in compliance with the law.” He expressed his hope and expectation that the decision to arrest him will be overturned.

Numerous individuals supported Gulsen on social media, stating she was the victim of harassment due to her liberal viewpoints and advocacy for LGBT+ rights.

Veysel Ok, an attorney and co-director of the Media and Law Studies Association, stated, “I feel she is being imprisoned because she is a person representing secular Turkey and an artist who is sensitive to helping the LGBTI movement.”

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